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As a Polish producer of LED lighting fixtures, we create solutions for industrial facilities, retail-service and public facilities.

We design, advise and analyze the costs of lighting exploitation. The fixtures we use are in compliance with all quality requirements, in a range from protection and resistance, to difficult working conditions.

We offer modern solutions for production halls, shops, offices and sport facilities. Our offer is an answer to market needs which expects economic and functional solutions as well as perfectly fitted and well-thought out solutions.

To help our customers, we have implemented a contact form, through which you can directly reach our Lighting Design Office.

So, if:

You need

a professional project for new investment?

You need

a modernisation of old lighting, together with savings calculation?

You are

looking for a professional design project for a new investment?


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    We invite you to cooperate with us in three areas:

    Analysis of the project requirements and design concepts.

    EU norms precisely determine the standards of the light intensity level, protection degree against glare, color temperature, as well as color rendering index. While going through the analysis process, working enviroment, architecture and interior design are taken under consideration as well. Practical design concept needs a consultation with other engaged subjects and both investment and exploitation costs must be taken under consideration.

    Lighting design

    In this area, the decisions are made regarding the lamps, lighting fixtures that will be used in arranging and assembling. We will also select all necessary controlling devices. Fixtures are chosen with easy installation in mind. Developed solutions are well-thought out, taking into consideration the newest EU norms.

    Offer presentation and savings calculation

    Here, a reliable financial estimate of lighting solutions applied will be made. We offer an economical analysis and savings calculation, having the ROI (Return on Investment) in mind. Due to well optimized solutions based on high quality of LED light sources, our solutions will significantly lower the costs of electricity.