Who are we?

Our brands is a complex offer for demanding people. This rich collection of experiences and products adjusted to personal needs and expectation makes our solutions ambitious, safe and functional. Good quality, attractive price and great appearance is only some out of many advantages of our products. Through our offer we want to inspire you to discover new solutions and create your own.

Kobi is a Polish brand which likes to begin new trends and offers wide choice of lighting products for individual and business customers. The offer combines functionality, quality, rich design and attractive price. Kobi reaches to millions of customers in the world gaining more and more buyers.

KOBI Professional brand was created with people who search exceptional solutions in mind, who value high quality and functionality. KOBI Professional offers a wide range of products for example industrial lighting, street lighting and office lighting.

Art Of Light is an offer for people who like to experiment with colors, textures and combinations. Rich product design, unconventional concepts, interesting solutions of ceiling and wall lamps as well as recessed fittings can diversify any space.

360 Line is a brand of decorative bulbs, modern and unique that arouse the intrest by the shape itself. These bulbs stand for minimalism and industrial design. They are a perfect match for loft type lamps, rustic type and wall lamps.

Led Light System – is a brand with economy bulbs of various color temperatures and wide application possibilites.

Led2B is a brand that stands for efficient, safe and price attractive products.